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Home Valley Station, along with Durack River Station & Karunjie Station comprises an enormous 3.5 million acres of Kimberley wilderness.

The Kimberley region within far north-western Australia has a wonderful history which continues today – from the ancient civilisation of the Australian indigenous people, to those European explorers who paved the way for today’s pastoral industry. Modern day diversification of these enormous land holdings has seen the development of tourism and in Home Valley Station’s case, an on-site training academy designed for Indigenous men and women from the area.

Australia’s Indigenous Land Corporation continue to expand their vision of offering sustainable employment for town locals and lots of fun for visiting tourists, our cattle have become jealous for attention! Cattle operations have also been the beneficiaries of the developments as new Brahman stock and dedicated breeding paddocks have been introduced to improve genetics and the Station’s ability to manage the herd more effectively.

Australia’s Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) purchased Home Valley Station along with Karunjie Station and Durack River Station on behalf of the Balanggarra people (Home Valley Station) and the Nyaliga people (Karunjie and Durack River Stations) of the East Kimberley, who are the traditional owners. Home Valley Station managers and staff are responsible for the cultural and business diversification of all three Stations, providing each with a viable business future while working with individual traditional owner groups to ensure sustainable outcomes are achieved which will benefit and respect their culture and way of life.

The combined area of the three cattle stations exceeds 3.5 million acres. We welcome you to explore and enjoy this ancient land with those who know it best. See you in the Kimberley!

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