Dec 242010

Kimberley Fine Diamonds

Imagine the excitement of combining a Kimberley adventure with a Pink Diamond Shopping Holiday, exclusive to our Lifestyle division in association with Kimberley Fine Diamonds.  This is one perfect example of our Lifestyle division at work and succeeding. id Services Australia – Travel & Lifestyle has evolved its business to include non-tourism related businesses that include everything from the world’s rarest Argyle pink diamonds, Sealegs amphibious boats, Moore Park Riding School to the Indigenous artwork of Kevin Waina.

We share the belief that a way of life or style of living often reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group of people. Lifestyle became popular a generation ago, and ever since a number of critics objected to it as voguish and superficial, perhaps because it appeared to elevate habits of consumption, dress, and recreation to categories in a system of social classification. Nonetheless, the word has proved durable and useful, as in the case of our company we are able to provide a clear and powerful message on behalf of our client’s who are not classified as travel clients. Further testament to our success, all of our listed Lifestyle clients contacted id Services Australia- Travel & Lifetsyle at which time we have created a tailored business solution for each client.

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